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The primary objective of this communication is to ensure guests have a piece of clear information and guidance on the new COVID Secure procedures, instructions and expectations at Argoed Farm Campsite.


Argoed Farm Holidays are governed by Welsh guidelines and shared facilities will be closed/ opened when instructed to do so by these guidelines.

We are preparing the shared facilities for your use. The main ones are of course the shower and toilets. Please give us priority over our rigorous cleaning schedule and leave doors open after use. We have provided sanitisers around the site, please do use them before and after touching shared surfaces. Please observe 2-metre social distancing with all other people outside of your party. All adults will also be expected to use the cleaning materials provided after using the toilet and shower (and after children) to keep all guests as safe as possible.

We will require the full contact details of all adult guests in the party for Track and Trace in advance.

We regret that additional visitors and dogs are not permitted on-site at present.

We live on-site but can be working on different areas of the farm. You will be provided with our phone number, please only ring after 6 pm in the case of an emergency or exceptional circumstances on 07792206445.

On the day of arrival, please park and then text us so we can show you to your pitch. Please try not to arrive before noon so that we can complete the enhanced cleaning under the cleaning protocols above. If you anticipate a late arrival, please do let us know so arrangements can be made. Check out is strictly 11.30 am.

What we are asking you to do to help us ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

We ask that you socially distance at least 2m from other guests please, especially relevant with small children.

Be rigorous in following social distancing when out in public.

If you show any signs of having the virus then you must immediately go and get tested by contacting

The result must be shown to us. If positive, you will need to leave if any Member of your party can drive you. If that is not possible and you have to self-isolate here, then you will have to pay for all bookings that have to be cancelled as a result.

We will need you to provide, names, telephone numbers and email addresses of everyone in the party, so that we can pass this onto the NHS if it is required. This information will not be used for any other purpose. This must be provided prior to arrival.

**Updated HMG Legislation**

The Legislation is found here:

We cannot police this and ask therefore that you risk assess your own party and decide for yourself if your group is appropriate. Please keep up to date with Government legislation.

Remember the best way to stay safe is to regularly wash and sanitise hands thoroughly and maintain social distance.


Guests are not be allowed to self-isolate, shield or quarantine on site.
However, if the situation does occur of a guest developing symptoms AFTER arriving on site. The site managers will follow the relevant escalation and reporting process:

The guest and their family will be asked to leave the site and return home immediately provided someone within the group are safely able to drive them. They may need to leave their outfit on-site if the driver is not able/confident to tow. If however, they are unable to leave the site, for example, if the driver is unwell and is not fit to undertake the journey, perhaps due to distance etc. the following steps will be taken.

The guests should:

1. Understand and abide by the current Govt. guidance for self-isolation: Stay at home: guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.
2. Be aware that they and their party/family are not permitted to make use of any communal facilities whilst self-isolating on site. This includes toilets, showers, or laundry facilities.
3. Be aware they will not be able to dispose of any rubbish in any communal bins. They must keep all rubbish within their outfit/awning, it must be double-bagged and cannot be disposed of in communal bins until at least 72hrs after their symptoms have abated completely. If they are leaving the site before that time, they must take their waste away with them.
4. Be aware they can use a designated service point to get water and dispose of grey/black waste, but only by contacting the site managers in advance and arranging a specific time to

do this.
Site managers will clean the service point with the appropriate chemicals before anyone else uses it.
5. Be aware they can arrange for food to be delivered to site during their stay but must notify site staff in advance of any delivery and the delivery must be delivered/collected from a designated area.


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